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The School of the Sea is an educational project for infant, primary and secondary pupils.
The aim of the school is to educate and give awareness of the need to respect and conserve the environment. This is acheived through direct contact with the local coastal and aquatic ecosystems. 

 Educational aims and objectives

There are group activities with a duration of  2 to 5 days..The activities are based upon observation, discussion and experimentation about the environment, using suitable support and facilities.

A proposal of activities

The programme consists of different modules which you can combine to suit your educational requirements

  • Discover the beach
  • Caminant per l'espigó.
  •  walk for spike
  • Fishing: Visit the Port of Vilanova
  • Observe a fish auction in the Port.
  • Investigate the landscape
  • Observe an aquarium
  • Games involving fishing apparatus
  • Astronomy: A journey through our Universe
  • Workshop: Modelling, knots, pottery, etc...

The work is organised in groups of about 15 children with one assisting monitor,working from the morning through till late at night.Usually the programme here is independent of the curriculum in school. However the programme can be adapted to suit your future or previous educational plans.


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Supporting material

  • Audio visual support: Video, slide shows and projections, music...
  • Aquarium with Meditaranean species
  • Zooliogical collection
  • Nets,and fishing paraphernalia
  • Exhibitions
  • Planetarium
  • Telescope
  • Informational material
  • Specialised Library.

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