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Mas d'en Pedro

Holliday's House


The Mas d'en Pedro Holliday's House is the ideal place for stages of groups of 30-50 young people. Situated in the mediterranean coast, 50Km south of Barcelona, it offers a lot of possibilities for wind-surfing, boating, canoing, riding, biking, and many more sportive activities.

Technical details

  • Town: Cubelles
  • Comarca: Garraf
  • Province: Barcelona
  • Capacity: 56 beds
  • All year open
  • Swimming-pool: 6 x 12 mts.
  • Beach: 15 min. walking
  • Closed court and area with trees.
  • Voltage: 220 V.
  • 34938950908


The house is divided in 3 blocs that surround a 600 m2 court, totally closed. Outside, there is an open area with trees and the swimming-pool.


Interesting telephones

Cubelles town-hall 938950300 Cunit town-hall 977674080
Vilanova Fire-Brigade 938151111 Vendrell Fire-Brigade 977660080
Red Cross 938143030 Doctor 938950081
Medical urgencies 938962794 Cubelles Pharmacy 938950703
Hosp. Sant Antoni Abat 938931616 Hosp. Sant Camil 938960025
Hosp. Vendrell 977660140 Ambulance 977692866
Tourist office 938952500 Taxi Cunit 977675641
Railway Cubelles 938950353 Railway Cunit 977675556
Cubelles Parrish 938950030 Cunit Parrish
Cubelles Police 938950132 Cunit Police 977675048

MdP Holliday's House

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